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a functional medicine approach to adjunctive cancer care

Easter Ho, ND, IFMCP established Think Functional Medicine, an integrative and functional oncology clinic in March 2018. She brings together a system's biology approach and adjunctive cancer care. Her goal is to see her patients comfortable, nourished, and happy while going through chemotherapy and/or radiation treatment. She is the designated integrative oncology physician at Lifespring Cancer Treatment Center located in Seattle, WA. She is a certified functional medicine physician through the Institute for Functional Medicine and sees patients of all ages and conditions when she is not with cancer patients.


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Think Functional Medicine is located within Lifespring Cancer Treatment Center:

510 Rainier Ave S, Seattle, WA 98144

Phone 425.208.1698

Fax 206.686.1268


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functional medicine + integrative oncology

Cancer is a multifactorial disease that arises within a multidimensional system. Many patients who are diagnosed with cancer seek a more sensitive and thoughtful approach to address their individual needs and goals. The functional medicine model is an integrative medicine model that uses an individualized approach to consider one’s unique biochemical composition, genetic finest, and lifestyle & diet habits to manage common concerns during cancer treatment. Patients may expect me to tailor a personalized treatment plan for their cancer that is compatible with concurrent chemotherapy, radiation, immunotherapy, targeted therapy, or hormone therapy.