updated on April 16th, 2019

Are you accepting new patients? Do you only see patients with cancer?

Dr. Ho is currently accepting new patients with or without a cancer diagnosis. Her passion is combining a functional medicine approach with integrative cancer care. She also sees patients who are interested in a functional medicine work up, chronic disease management, wellness & anti aging, and preventative medicine.

Are you accepting new patients for your concierge membership plan?

Yes, Dr. Ho will accept up to 50 patients for the concierge membership. Referrals from current patients will take priority on the wait list.

How do I schedule or sign up for a program or membership, and how much do you charge?

Please call 425.208.1698 to schedule, or fill out this form. We will obtain payment after you decide on a membership plan and your membership will be active immediately.

Do you offer consultations for intravenous therapies, such as IV vitamin C?

Yes, intravenous vitamin C is often recommended as an adjunctive treatment for patients with cancer. Dr. Ho offers IV vitamin C at Think Functional Medicine.

What about other IVs at the office, like nutrients, B vitamins, custom IV bag etc.?

Great question, other IVs are coming soon at the office.

Do you accept public speaking invitations?

Yes. Please email easterho@thinkfunctionalmedicine.com for any inquiries.